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Author: manalk

During the middle of last week, I received instructions on two projects I will be working on this summer. Both projects are related to the Planning, Development and Inspections (PDI) division within the Community Services department.  This division was created … Continued

Author: August Caravalho

I still cannot get over the Charlotte skyline. This is the view I have on my way into work at the Government Center, coming into Uptown from the south. Even at a great distance, this city is absolutely arresting. And … Continued

Author: Stephen

Priorities differ at the Legislature, which can often lead to long debates and infighting. Keeping everyone on message is critical to efficiently running the Speaker's Office. But effectively coordinating the priorities of all 67 Republican members of the NC House, or at minimum the 61 needed to guarantee bill passage, for an entire session is as likely as pigs sprouting wings and flying. Fortunately, Speaker Thom Tillis has a drawer full of winged piglets within easy reach.

Author: angelb

This summer, I will work as one of four graduate student research interns within the Financial and Business Services division of North Carolina Department of Public Instruction.

Author: manalk

This is my first week of internship at the Wake County Community Services department. For readers who are not familiar with North Carolina, Wake County is in the Central/Piedmont region of the state, and includes the capital city of Raleigh … Continued

Author: August Caravalho

Monday was my first day in the Budget and Evaluation Office of the City of Charlotte, NC. For those of you, dear readers, who may be unfamiliar with North Carolina, Charlotte is the most populous city in the state, with … Continued

Author: Stephen

Hello and welcome! Welcome to what I hope will be a stimulating view of the Speaker’s Office in the North Carolina General Assembly.  As an MPA student from UNC’s School of Government, I was given the opportunity to work in … Continued

Author: Susan Austin

Many thanks to our summer bloggers – Barron, Emily, Safa, Amy and Jonathan – for giving us a real sense of the exciting opportunities our MPA students participate in during their professional work experience. Stay tuned for a new set … Continued

Author: bsmonroe

Dandong–The Chinese side of the Yalu River Border Last weekend I visited Dandong. Dandong is a relatively small city along the Yalu River in southeastern Liaoning Province.  In that particular area the Yalu River is the border between China and … Continued

Author: Amy Strecker

On Patrol at Lake Tillery My office has quite a view this Thursday morning.  At 8:00 a.m., the sun is still rising behind us and the water lapping at the boat’s edge as we idle out from Progress Energy’s* boat … Continued