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Now more than ever, public service organizations need dedicated and qualified professional staff. Along with possessing the tangible skills needed to navigate today’s complex workplaces, graduates of the UNC MPA program are well-prepared to apply public service values as well as legal and ethical principles, for the benefit of their careers and their communities.

Who We Are

The MPA program at UNC-Chapel Hill prepares public service leaders through rigorous academic study grounded in practical experience. Students work closely with faculty who are directly engaged with state and local officials. Our graduates attain leadership positions in every level of government and in organizations that support the public interest.

Graduates Prepared to Lead

UNC MPA graduates develop a wide range of skills and competencies:


  • Leading, managing, and engaging others in public service
  • Building professional relationships in a variety of organizational settings
  • Understanding and communicating diverse perspectives
  • Managing financial resources
  • Managing human capital
  • Analyzing information for decision making
  • Identifying, collecting, and interpreting relevant qualitative and quantitative data

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‘We really value the relationship between the Town and UNC. The School of Government and the MPA program are no exception. Every year, we are impressed with the quality of the candidates who apply for an internship with the Town. We count on the interns to bring a wonderful infusion of energy, talent, and curiosity about local government to our workplace’.

Ross Tompkins Town of Chapel Hill