The purpose of the curriculum is to equip graduates with competencies essential for public service leadership:


  • To lead, manage, and engage others in public service
  • To build professional relationships in a variety of organizational settings
  • To understand and communicate diverse perspectives
  • To manage financial resources
  • To manage human capital
  • To analyze information for decision making
  • To identify, collect, manage, and interpret relevant qualitative and quantitative data
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Students must successfully complete three essential components to graduate:

Coursework: A minimum of 45 credit hours of academic credit to graduate.

  • 30 credit hours dedicated to the required core classes on the theory and practice of public management.
  • 15 credit hours dedicated to elective courses in the student’s selected fields of interest. 

Professional Work Experience (PWE):

This is our version of an internship, where students receive an opportunity to further develop their leadership competencies in a public service work environment and gain work experience for career advancement. 

Applied research problem (thesis-substitute project):

This project showcases a student’s public administration competencies during the final semester in the program and includes a comprehensive oral exam and written response to an issue facing the public sector.

MPA Course Schedule – 2 Year Planner 
FALL TERM 1 –  Credit Hr  Semester  SPRING TERM 1 – 2021  Credit Hr  Semester 
PUBA 709: Foundations of Public Administration    Fall   PUBA 710: Organization Theory    Spring 
PUBA 719: PA Analysis and Evaluation I    Fall   PUBA 720: PA Analysis and Evaluation II    Spring 
PUBA 721: Professional Communication    Fall   PUBA 723: Human Resource Management    Spring 
PUBA 760: Law for Public Administration    Fall  PUBA 731: Public Financial Management    Spring 
MPA Elective 1: OPTIONAL    Fall       
FALL TERM 2 -2021      SPRING TERM 2 -2022     
PUBA 711: Public Service Leadership  3  Fall  PUBA 748: Applied Research II  1.5  Spring 
PUBA 747: Applied Research I  1.5  Fall  Elective 4  3  Spring 
Elective 2:   3  Fall  Elective 5  3  Spring 
Elective 3:   3  Fall  Elective  3  Spring 
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