One of the greatest assets of the UNC MPA program is our vibrant and welcoming community, where students have access to transformational opportunities and experiences both inside and outside the classroom.


Opportunities for Engagement

Social Events

Meet alumni, faculty, and fellow MPA students for networking and socializing events held virtually and in person. Examples of social events throughout the year include Bureaucrats’ Ball, Alumni/Student Picnic, Immersion, and Happy Hour Hubs.


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MPA Student Organizations

The UNC MPA program supports many opportunities for involvement and skill building with student organizations.


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Professional Development

We are committed to ensuring our students have the opportunity to build upon their classroom experiences with real, practical experiences.


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UNC-Chapel Hill Student Organizations

We encourage you to explore the full spectrum of student organization opportunities at UNC-Chapel Hill.


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Diversity and Inclusion

The program’s Identity and Interest Groups provide a space for students with similar backgrounds, identities, or interests to connect with and support one another. Students are encouraged to connect with one of the existing groups or create their own. Current groups include the following:
-Students of Color/BIPOC Caucus
-Women in Public Administration


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Campus and Local Resources

Access academic, social, financial, housing, transportation, and community information related to daily life at UNC and around Chapel Hill.


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Online Student Experience

UNC MPA is committed to providing multiple opportunities for online students to participate fully in the life of the program. Most MPA events are live streamed for easy access, and the program offers an optional weekend Immersion experience on campus. Online students are always welcome to attend MPA events in person if they live nearby or plan to be visiting Chapel Hill.

See MPA Events

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”I want to take this experience that was so meaningful for me and turn it into something that’s meaningful for other people. I want to have a positive impact on the lives of citizens, not just here in Carolina, but nationally.”

Tracy Miles MPA ’17, Independent Consultant

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