The UNC MPA alumni community extends to every corner of North Carolina, all 50 states, and 13 countries outside the United States.

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‘Regardless of a student or alumnus’s location, our goal is to be one of the most robust and enthusiastic alumni organizations in the world by helping to create a sustainable vision for intentional and genuine connectivity for all members of our community’

– Jennifer Fox Class of ’19 and Former President of the Alumni Board

Meet our Alumni

Our community of distinguished leaders is made up of more than 1,500 active alumni. Their regular interaction with students, faculty, and one another is an important part of what makes our program special.

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Alumni Spotlight

Hogan Medlin 2023

System Director for Strategic Change UNC HealthThe UNC MPA program has helped me grow as a public service leader, connecting theory and concepts to real-world application and strategy. As a leader in change management, so much of the MPA program centers around leading teams and people through change, particularly in the public sector where we work to address our most wicked challenges. Working in a public health organization through the global pandemic while taking MPA courses was an unparalleled experience of truly bridging real-world leadership challenges with course content on a weekly basis.

  • State
  • Non Profit
  • Public Health

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Adrienne Augustus

Founder & Media Relations/Mental Health Programs Manager A Beautiful Mind Foundation & Hyattsville (MD) Police Department“If you truly want to be a public servant and make a positive change, an MPA will give you the know-how to lead not just effectively, but ethically and equitably too.”

  • Non Profit
  • Law Enforcement
  • Social Services

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Lorrie Fair Allen

Program Director Charlize Theron Africa Outreach Project“It’s definitely helping me be better in my current role, whether it’s program-related, policy, or advocacy. But beyond that, this MPA is valuable in that it really has helped prepare me for anything that comes my way in this constantly changing space in the public sector.”

  • Non Profit
  • International Affairs

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Alumni News

April 09, 2024

The UNC School of Government is proud to share the continued success of its Master of Public…

December 13, 2023

Hogan Medlin has been a current student in the UNC MPA program since 2021.  As he gears up to…

December 06, 2023

This December the UNC MPA program will be welcoming 17 new graduates into our alumni community….

Ways for Alumni to Connect

UNC MPA offers myriad opportunities for graduates to stay involved after graduation and continue to benefit from the program. These include networking events, mentoring opportunities, Alumni Association participation, and access to a pipeline of highly qualified students available for internships and employment.

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What are UNC MPA Alumni Doing?

Our alumni serve in many capacities across the field of public administration. They are leading local governments, providing recommendations in public health crises, managing economic development initiatives, implementing public policy, and preparing their communities for the challenges that lie ahead. Use our interactive alumni search tool to learn more.

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