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Professional Work Experience

 A cornerstone of UNC- Master of Public Administration (UNC- MPA) curriculum is the Professional Work Experience (PWE). The PWE provides the student with the opportunity to further refine knowledge, skills, and competencies developed through MPA coursework through experimentation and application within a public service work setting.

 A student becomes eligible to begin the PWE after successful completion of the following six core courses:


Required courses:

  1. PUBA 709: Public Administration Institutions and Values
  2. PUBA 710: Organizational Theory
  3. PUBA 719: Public Administration Analysis and Evaluation I
  4. PUBA 720: Public Administration Analysis and Evaluation II
  5. PUBA 721: Professional Communications
  6. And one of the following core courses:
  • PUBA 723: Human Resource Management
  • PUBA 731: Public Financial Management
  • PUBA 760: Law for Public Administration


Duration and Timing:

The PWE can be completed in one of two ways:

  1. A full-time, Professional Work Experience, over a minimum of a 10-week period (Average 360-400 total working hours)
  2. A part-time, Professional Work Experience, over 15-weeks

(Average 280-300 total working hours).

For initial PWE questions please contact Cara Robinson, Director of Admissions.  Current students should consult the student intranet for additional information and forms.