Student Voices

Tom Bennett

On Campus Class of 2020 A native of Concord, North Carolina, Tom Bennett’s loyalties to UNC and North Carolina run deep. Both of…

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Elizabeth Lo

Building on 20 Years of Service When Elizabeth Lo was exploring options for online public administration programs, she based her…

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Tiffany Oliva

Many people discover their calling through trial and error in college. Tiffany Oliva discovered hers as a child, through seeing health…

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Adonis Palustre

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Valerie Sauer

Valerie Sauer attended Appalachian State University before transferring to UNC-Chapel Hill and earning her undergraduate degree in…

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Mallory Verez

Mallory Verez is originally from Pittsburgh, PA, but completed her undergrade degree at High Point University in December of 2017….

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February 19, 2024

Andrew Stephen Wright is a current first-year student in the UNC MPA program. Born and raised in…

February 05, 2024

Tell us about yourself, and what are your motivations for getting your MPA at UNC? My name…