The MPA in the Private Sector

The MPA is a broad and versatile leadership degree.  While our graduates traditionally desire to serve in public organizations, in recent years, we have seen a large increase of interest and MPA application within the private sector.  This webinar will focus on what our students and alumni are doing in the private sector, why they chose to pursue the MPA, and the opportunities and benefits of choosing the MPA for private sector work.  Join our Director of Admissions, Cara Robinson, as we host a panel talking about the value of the MPA in private sector roles.

Our panelists include:

Panelists will include:

Scott Hazelwood – Public Policy Supervisor at Dominion Energy, UNC MPA Current Student

Agata Chydzinski – Senior Business Advisor with Cultivate Advisors, UNC MPA Alumna

Ashlea Hitchcock – Senior Program Manager at Amazon, UNC MPA Program Alumna

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