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Student Organizations

The Master of Public Administration program is home to a number of student organizations that play a vital role in enhancing the student experience. Student organizations allow students put theory into practice by developing leadership, program management, and networking skills.

  • Carolina MPA Student Organizations and Committees

    Carolina Society of Future Leaders:

    The Carolina Society of Future Leaders (CSFL) prepares students for public service. The organization's objective is to expose students to the practical knowledge of today’s public service leaders. CSFL organizes a series of speakers who discuss relevant and current public administration topics at least two times over the course of the school year. Speakers share their knowledge to students in a variety of settings, both formal and informal, such as a lecture, panel discussion, happy hour event, or brown bag luncheon.

    Website CSFL Website
    Annual Events/Programs: CSFL organizes at least two events per academic year—one in the fall and one in the spring. CSFL events can include, but are not limited to, lectures or panel discussions on topics of interest to MPA students and networking events with students, alumni, and faculty. CSFL leadership, with the support of members, are free to select any type of event that suits the needs and interests of the organization while still satisfying the mission.
    Audience: Both on-campus and online current MPA students
    Contact: Shelli Grogg
    How to get involved: Any MPA student interested in becoming a member of CSFL or attending an organized event during the academic year is welcome. Please use the contact information above if interested.
    Advisor: Elizabeth Langefeld

    International City/County Management Association Student Chapter:

    The purpose of this organization is to introduce and integrate students to the local government and local management profession and familiarize students with the International City/County Management Association (ICMA), the premier local government management association, its members, resources, and policies.

    Website ICMA Website
    Annual Events/Programs: Programming focuses on introducing chapter members to the field of local government. The chapter holds events once or twice a month. Specific times of events vary.
    Audience: Both on-campus and online MPA current students
    How to get involved: Interested students should email to be added to a listserv, which is used to communicate to chapter members about events, elections, etc.
    Advisor: Faculty Advisor: Carl Stenberg
    Staff Advisor: Elizabeth Langefeld

    UNC Public Administration Leadership Challenge:

    The Public Administration Leadership (PAL) Challenge was created in 2013 to provide MPA students with project management experience, expose undergraduates to the field of public administration, and forge connections between MPA students and the greater UNC-Chapel Hill community. The PAL Challenge is a case-study competition designed, organized, and executed by MPA students for undergraduate students. Students, in teams of three to five participants, solve a public administration problem and compete for prizes.

    Website PAL Challenge Website
    Annual Events/Programs: The standard program for the PAL Challenge is the annual case study competition, which is held each fall semester in October, before and after the standard university fall break. Preparation for the competition occurs from the beginning of the fall semester through the competition, with a debriefing meeting held after the conclusion of the competition.
    Audience: Both on-campus and online MPA current students
    Contact: Hannah Osborne and Julia Da Silva
    How to get involved: Any MPA student interested in helping with this organization or attending our main event is welcome. Please use the contact information above if interested.
    Advisor: Faculty Advisor: Carl Stenberg
    Staff Advisor: Elizabeth Langefeld

    Master of Public Administration Diversity Committee:

    The MPA Diversity Committee is committed to the values of diversity and inclusion among its members and instilling the values of diversity and inclusion in the next generation of Carolina public service leaders.

    The committee aims to accomplish the following:

    • Bring visibility to the mission of diversity and inclusion in the areas of student experience within and beyond the classroom.
    • Foster knowledge of historic and current issues related to diversity and inclusion within the field of public administration.
    • Collaborate with university and community partners to increase our understanding and comfort with addressing diversity and inclusion within a professional setting.
    Website MPA Diversity Committee Website
    Annual Events/Programs:

    Provide various opportunities for discussions about diversity issues such as:

    • Brown bag lunches
    • Internal diversity sensitivity training
    • Panel discussions
    • Programming initiatives in tandem with the School of Government Diversity Committee
    Audience: Both on-campus and online MPA current students
    Contact: Ebony West (President)
    How to get involved: Students interested in becoming involved with the MPA Diversity Committee can email one of the executive team members (Ricky RuvioEllis Johnson, or Heather Curry) or attend one of the monthly meetings to obtain additional information.
    Advisor: Faculty Advisor: Leisha DeHart-Davis
    Staff Advisor: Elizabeth Langefeld

    Social Committee

    Members of the Social Committee organize a number of events sponsored by the MPA program.

    Student Committee Representatives

    MPA students share in the governance and operation of the following MPA and University committees:

    • Alumni Executive Board
    • Deil Wright Lecture Committee
    • Graduate Professional Student Federation (GPSF)