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When you join the Carolina MPA Program, you become a lifelong member of the UNC School of Government community, a global community of top-caliber faculty, students and alumni offering you an invaluable resource of knowledge, support and connection both during and after graduation. Our faculty offer unparalleled dedication. They are leaders in their fields, published in academic journals and authors of textbooks used in other MPA programs. Our faculty pride themselves on being supportive and accessible, and will work closely with you to ensure that you develop the knowledge and skills you need to have an immediate and long lasting impact on not just your career, but on the people and organizations you serve. Our professors are immersed in public service, acting as advisors for public officials at all levels and thus integrate their research and consulting into the classroom.

  • Faculty member Maureen Berner has been selected as a Thorp Faculty Engaged Scholar (FES), a distinction that will support her work on summer meal programs for children in need. Sponsored by the Carolina Center for Public Service, FES brings together faculty from across campus to engage in a two-year experiential curriculum designed to advance their engaged scholarship.
  • Professor David Ammons received the 2014 Joseph Wholey Distinguished Scholarship Award for work in the field of public sector performance, presented by the American Society for Public Administration’s Center for Accountability and Performance.
  • Professor Carl Stenberg is the first School of Government faculty member to be awarded the James E. Holshouser Jr. Distinguished Professorship. Created in 2007 in honor of former Governor Holshouser, the award recognizes Stenberg's leadership as former director of the UNC Master of Public Administration program, his work with North Carolina managers, and his national work in the field of public administration.
  • Associate Professor Leisha DeHart-Davis has been appointed to serve on the board of advisors for the Arizona State University Center for Research and Organization Design. The center promotes, supports, and conducts research on public, nonprofit, and hybrid organizations.
  • Associate Professor Kim Nelson has been appointed co-editor of the Reviews and Essays section of the journal, State and Local Government Review.
  • Professor Maureen Berner has been appointed to serve on the Afterschool Meals and Summer Food National Advisory Committee hosted by the national nonprofits Feeding America and the Food Resource and Action Center.
  • Publications
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