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Preyer Family Scholarship


Former judge, congressional representative, and Greensboro native Lunsford Richardson Preyer (1919–2001) created this scholarship in 1996. After serving in the US Navy, Preyer returned to North Carolina. He served as a Superior Court judge, was appointed to the US District Court in 1961 by John F. Kennedy, and was elected to the US House of Representatives in 1968.

Preyer became interested in the MPA program at UNC-Chapel through his daughter, Jane Preyer, who graduated in 1991 and continues to live and work in the area. She has worked for the Environmental Defense Fund since 1995 and currently serves as director of the Southeast Office.


All students are eligible for this scholarship based on their academic background and areas of interests upon their admittance into the MPA Program. However, preference for this award is given to students with an interest in nonprofit management.

Award Information

For more information about this award, contact MPA staff member Susan Lynch at


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