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Nanette V. Mengel Scholarship


This scholarship is funded by the Nanette V. Mengel Endowment, which was created by her family in 1997. As the professional communications instructor for the MPA program, she taught students in written and oral communication skills. She also acted as a mentor, advisor, and confidante. Her work at UNC extended beyond the MPA program; she also taught classes in City and Regional Planning, Health Policy and Administration, and the School of Medicine. Mengel’s presence is still felt in the program through this scholarship and the Nanette V. Mengel Communication Award, which is given to a second-year student with an outstanding graduation portfolio.


All students are eligible for this scholarship based on their academic background and areas of interests upon their admittance into the MPA Program.

Award Information

For more information about this award, contact MPA staff member Susan Lynch at


To support the Nanette V. Mengel Scholarship, visit our giving page.