Admissions ambassadors work with program staff to support initiatives pertaining to recruitment and enrollment of future UNC MPA students. Admissions ambassadors help serve at admissions events, volunteer to talk to prospective students, and provide insight into the development of enrollment strategies.

Two students from each format of the UNC MPA program are appointed to serve on the UNC MPA Alumni Association Board. Responsibilities include attending board meetings, providing the student perspective, and disseminating information to the student body on board initiatives.

The MPA Diversity Committee seeks to instill the values of diversity and inclusion in the UNC MPA program and in the next generation of public service leaders. Through brown bag lunches, panel discussions, trainings, and other programming, the committee aims to bring visibility of diversity to the student experience and to foster knowledge of diversity and inclusion issues.

Graduate and Professional Student Government is the arm of student government that represents all UNC-Chapel Hill graduate and professional students. The MPA student body has two representatives on the GPSF Senate. This organization advocates for improved campus and community resources to campus administrators and state and federal legislatures; collaborates with the university administration, faculty, staff, and undergraduate students to create policies that respond to the particular needs and interests of all graduate and professional students; and connects graduate and professional students socially and intellectually across disciplines.

One way the MPA program strives to create a welcoming and supportive environment for all students is through Identity Groups. Identity Groups provide a space for historically marginalized or underrepresented students with similar backgrounds, identities, or interests to connect with and support one another. Identity Groups support students in being affirmed, celebrated, and in community with one another.

In addition to the Identify Groups, students that have different interests are encouraged to form Interest Groups to create space to connect with other students sharing similar interests and professional and career goals.

The purpose of the student chapter of ICMA is to introduce students to the local government and local management profession and familiarize them with the premiere local government management association, its members, resources, and policies. Programming focuses on introducing chapter members to the field of local government. The chapter holds events once or twice a month; specific times of events vary. More information on ICMA can be found here:

Learn More About ICMA

Members of the SLC serve as the student voice among MPA program administrators. Both the on-campus and online formats of the program have their own body of SLC members.