It is increasingly important for professionals who work in or with the public sector to understand policy process, evaluation, and ramifications. Through UNC MPA’s public policy concentration, students will develop the advanced skills and knowledge needed to understand, influence, and analyze public policy.

How will a public policy concentration benefit my career?

MPA graduates who possess an understanding of public policy will be well-prepared for a range of rewarding career possibilities in both the public and private sectors:

  • City/county management
  • Budget and fiscal management and policy
  • Consulting
  • Public affairs and communications
  • Transportation
  • Urban planning
  • Policy and program evaluation
  • Community and economic development
  • Government relations
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In the public policy concentration, students will gain a strong foundation in analytical skills and a broad understanding of policy issues that can be tailored to specific interests and career goals. Also, students will examine public policy as it relates to ethics, values, and politics. Coursework is available in economics, data science, theory, program evaluation, and design thinking; students may also take courses with specific areas of focus such as health and poverty.

Students who want to pursue a concentration in public policy must complete the Introduction to Public Policy course plus at least six additional elective credits from the link below or other elective courses approved in advance:

PLCY 710: Introduction to Public Policy

3 credit hours

PLCY 700 level or higher electives

6 credit hours

Faculty Contact

Whitney Afonso