The public management concentration provides students with a foundation in the art, science, & profession of public service. Students gain grounding in the organizational structures, managerial practices, and institutionalized values by which officials enact the work of public organizations.

What can I do in public management with an MPA degree?

Careers in public management require the knowledge, practices, and skills needed to implement change in public service sectors.

Students pursuing the public management concentration will find these skills helpful for careers in local, state, and federal government as well as in specific areas of health services, education, security, public health, and community planning. Graduates will be prepared for the following roles:

  • Municipal or county manager
  • Economic development director
  • Financial manager
  • Legislative analyst
  • Strategic initiatives director
  • Community engagement manager
  • Government relations manager
  • Education administrator
  • Health Services manager
  • Emergency Management director
  • Public policy analyst
  • Federal program administrator
  • Management analyst
  • Budget director
  • Nonprofit development officer
  • Human Resources director
  • Public Affairs director
  • Operations manager
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Students who want to pursue a concentration in public management must complete at least nine credit hours from the list of electives below or other elective courses as approved in advance.

PUBA 736 Advanced Budgeting

1.5 credit hours (online)

PUBA 740 Decision Analysis

3 credit hours (on-campus and online)

PUBA 742 Data Visualization

1.5 credit hours (hyflex online)

PUBA 743 Diversity in Public Administration

1.5 credit hours (on-campus)

PUBA 744 MPA Immersion

1.5 credit hours (on-campus and online)

PUBA 768 Mediation Skills

1.5 credit hours (hyflex on-campus)

PUBA 769 Facilitation Skills

1.5 credit hours (hyflex on-campus)

PUBA 772 Mediation Skills for Public Managers

3 credit hours (online)

PUBA 778 Strategic Information Technology

3 credit hours (online)

PUBA 782 Cybersecurity for Public Administration

1.5 credit hours (hyflex online)

PUBA 787 Applied Environmental Finance

3 credit hours (on-campus)

Faculty Contact

Willow S. Jacobson