The UNC School of Government has historically placed an emphasis on local government, connecting students with real-world practitioners who are tackling the issues that today’s governments are facing.

As part of the MPA program, the local government concentration will help students develop the advanced skills and knowledge to build and improve local communities and make a clear impact on residents’ quality of life.

What can I do in local government management and administration with an MPA degree?

Local government administration offers a wealth of exciting and rewarding career possibilities across a range of disciplines. No matter where students are on their professional path, the MPA program’s local government management concentration can help build valuable competencies and leadership capabilities for careers in the following areas:

  • City/county management
  • Budget and fiscal management
  • Consulting
  • Law enforcement
  • Parks and recreation management
  • Public affairs and communications
  • Transportation management
  • Urban planning
  • Utilities management
  • Waste management
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The local government concentration is designed to provide students with a strong foundation in environmental, economic, and community development along with practical skills related to policy implementation and evaluation. Students will explore ethics, organization development, intergovernmental relations, and budgeting concepts and techniques.

Students who want to pursue a concentration in local government must complete at least nine credit hours from the list below (one of which must be PUBA 738 or PUBA 751).  Both PUBA 738 and PUBA 751 are strongly encouraged.  Other courses discussed and approved by the faculty advisor may be included.

PUBA 730 Governmental and other Nonprofit Accounting and Reporting

3 credit hours (on-campus and online)

PUBA 738 Managing Local Government Services

3 credit hours (hyflex on-campus)

PUBA 751 City and County Management

3 credit hours (on-campus and online)

PUBA 752 Productivity Improvement in Local Government

3 credit hours (online)

PUBA 753 Performance Management in Local Government

3 credit hours (on-campus)

PUBA 765 Capital Budgeting and Financing

1.5 credit hours (hyflex on-campus)

Faculty Contact

Kimberly L. Nelson