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Get Involved

Carolina MPA alumni are engaged with the program, each other, and current students. They are committed public service leaders who model and mentor leadership in following generations. Every student is considered a part of the Carolina MPA alumni community immediately on entrance to the program.

The Carolina MPA Alumni Association helps to provide scholarships, promote networking opportunities for students and alumni, and serve in advisory roles to program faculty and staff.

There are many ways to remain engaged with the Carolina MPA program after graduation:

  • Join the Carolina MPA Alumni Association. The mission of the Carolina MPA Alumni Association is to provide community among students, faculty, alumni, and friends in order to promote and extend the core values and goals of the MPA Program.
  • Provide professional work experience practicums (internships) for current students. The February Job Fair is one way to connect with students seeking these opportunities.
  • Hire our new graduates and fellow alumni.
  • Participate in the MPA Alumni Mentor Program. This program matches current MPA students with MPA alumni in a mentor/mentee relationship.
  • Share advice and experience during our periodic career webinars, in-person panels, and other networking events. Contact Allison Binkley if you would like to learn more about this opportunity.
  • Refer prospective students to the MPA program. Submit this form to refer a prospective student to the program.
  • Attend special events sponsored by the MPA Program and the Carolina MPA Alumni Association. Alumni will be notified about these opportunities.
  • Join the MPA Alumni listserv. Send an email with a subject line and message of “SUBSCRIBE: MPA ALUMNI” to
  • Contribute financially. As revenue from the state has continued to decrease, private support makes a critical difference in our ability to provide the best educational opportunities for the students who are our future public service leaders. Every gift makes a difference and is appreciated.

  • Happy Hour Hubs are an initiative of the MPA Program Office and the Office of Development & Constituent Relations. Several times throughout the year, happy hours will be sponsored in regions where we have significant alumni and student populations. The purpose of these events is to bring together MPA alumni, current students from both formats, MPA faculty, and staff to connect with each other and the program. One current student volunteer and one alumni volunteer will lead event planning in each designated region. If you are a current student and interested in volunteering for this role, please contact Brandon Foster or Kristin Pawlowski.

If there are any questions about Alumni Engagement, please contact Kristin Pawlowski.