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The public sector, like the US workforce in general, has become increasingly diverse—a reflection of our communities. It is imperative that we prepare our students to understand and embrace the diverse organizational environments they will work in during their careers as public service leaders. Diversity of race, ethnicity, age, background, and experience among MPA classmates enriches the academic environment of the MPA program and the personal development of each student.

Diversity and Inclusion Initiatives

Scholarship: The Diversity in Public Administration Scholarship was created in 2005 by alumnus James Howerton '77 to provide support for continuing efforts to attract a diverse group of students to the MPA program and addresses the needs of students confronting significant financial challenges. Though all of our scholarships are available without discrimination, this scholarship is intentional in its purpose to increase diverse representation in the field.

New Course: In 2013, a new elective course, Diversity in Public Administration, was initiated to help students attain a better grasp on the challenges they may face as practitioners. This course is open to alumni. For more information, contact MPA staff member Jamarian Monroe at 919.843.7330 or

Diversity and Inclusion: The MPA Diversity Philosophy was developed by MPA faculty and staff to help the program contextualize its public service values.

Listserv - This Diversity and Inclusion listserv seeks to foster information exchange around the issues of diversity and inclusion in public organizations, and, NC local governments.

Workshops: A 2013 Public Administration Pre-Conference workshop on Engaging Women in Public Administration has grown to include an annual public event. Click here for more details.

LinkedIn Group: Join the Engaging Women in Public Service LinkedIn group.

Webinar On-Demand: Diversity and Inclusion: Successfully Leveraging Differences in Local Government Organizations, originally broadcast in October 2014, is now available on-demand.

School of Government: Click here for additional information about diversity and inclusion at the School of Government.


Top photo: Members of the Class of 2010, left to right, with current positions:

  • Michael Wooley-Ousdahl, Transportation Operations Manager, Google
  • Joy Jackson, Specialty Programs Manager, Executive Education, Brookings Institution
  • Melvin McDermott, Job Placement Specialist, 2U
  • Julie Hochsztein, Independent Consultant