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2020 MPA Alumni Association Board
(Officers to serve January 1 through December 31, 2020)

President Joe Moore '05
Town Manager, Town of Zebulon, NC
President -
Corey Pertersohn '16
Budget and Management Analyst, Town of Holly Springs
Past -
Safa Sajadi '09
General Counsel's Office Credit Suisse
Treasurer Lee Worsley '97
Executive Director, Triangle J COG
Secretary Jennifer Fox '19
Executive Assistant, School of Pharmacy: Office of Professional Education
Kevin FitzGerald '83
Board Members
(Term ends Dec 2020)
Darren Allison '17
Program Analyst (Policy), U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development, (Completing Corey Petersohn’s term)
  Zainab Baloch '18
Member Operation Specialist, Even Responsible Finance
  Lee Clyburn '89
Executive Vice President, CBRE
  Christina Riordan '04
Budget Coordinator, City of Durham, NC
  Alex Vazquez '16
Senior Utility Analyst, City of Raleigh, NC
  Grant Whitley '15
Data Manager, Trillium Health Resources
Board Members
(Term ends Dec 31, 2021)
Phillip Cordeiro '15
Town Administrator, Town of Youngsville, NC
  Johanna Foster '05
Senior Director of Academic Affairs, UNC School of Medicine
  Tracy Miles '17
Adjunct Instructor, SOG MPA Online Program
  Beth Riordan '16
Budget Coordinator, City of Durham, NC
  Andy Shoenig '19
Partnership Manager, Foundation for Health Leadership & Innovation
  Mike Silver '15
Deputy Commissioner, North Carolina Industrial Commission
Student Representatives Clay Fleming
  Hallee Haygood
  Jane Kaufmann
Bill Rivenbark
MPA Director,919-962-3707
  Kristin Pawlowski
Alumni & External Relations, MPA Program, 919-966-4159
  Brandon Foster
Development and Constituent Relations Officer,​919-962-0426