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Author: Michael Silver

Monday, I went to the first Juvenile Crime Prevention Council (JCPC) meeting for the fiscal year. At the August meeting, we all fill out our conflict of interest forms and orient new members. If you’ve clicked on the link above … Continued

Author: Lena Geraghty

Last week, I had my PWE check-in with MPA@UNC career services guru Elisabeth Enloe Zimowski. It was a great opportunity to reflect on my PWE. It’s really easy for me to get caught up working on a project and sometimes … Continued

Author: Joseph Beasley

During this last week of my internship, I dived into the career development plans for engineering related positions. The water resources, electric, and transportation departments all abide by a career development plan that awards a salary increase to engineering related employees for … Continued

Author: Rafael Baptista

Tomorrow I will pack up my office and turn off the lights for the last time at Catawba County. These last ten weeks have been some of (if not the best) weeks in terms of my professional development. I have … Continued

Author: Michael Silver

This week ends the 10 weeks I have enjoyed with my summer interns. Throughout the summer, my office has had various high school, undergraduate, and law school interns to work in different areas. Our office always has a goodbye lunch … Continued

Author: Kasey El-Chayeb

On the 16th, I attended the Internet Governance Forum (IGF USA) hosted at George Washington University. Assistant Secretary Stickling of NTIA delivered a keynote address at the opening of the Forum and gave a shout out to the NTIA interns … Continued

Author: Lena Geraghty

I’ve reached the point in the semester when it seems like everything is due at once. I’ve been really fortunate that the Alameda Free Library has been so flexible and has given me the opportunity to turn my attention to … Continued

Author: Brittany Clark

The big project of the week was developing a schedule to facilitate a planning session for the leadership team. Part of the 5 year renewal grant is to write long and short term goals, a task that should include multiple … Continued

Author: Michael Silver

Summer league basketball is well under way and I have enjoyed watching friends and players improve their games on the court. Living in Winston-Salem, I can’t help but be a Wake Forest supporter. They have a great group of players … Continued

Author: Lena Geraghty

Last week I began reading through the website survey results from library staff members. This can sometimes be a boring task, but fortunately the library staff kept me entertained with their inventive and sometimes comedic responses to the open-ended questions. … Continued