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Alumni Events

Carolina MPA 50th Anniversary Alumni Celebration
March 31, 2017
School of Government
Chapel Hill

Join us for this celebration of our 50th anniversary. It's a chance to have quality time with your fellow alums, to take pride in your own and their accomplishments, and to reconnect and recommit to the program that launched or advanced to your career.

Look who's coming to dinner! (see list at bottom of page).

Registration has officially closed, however, if you would like to attend email Brandon Foster at or call 919.962.0426.

  • Alumni/student presentations and the Deil S. Wright Lecture events are free of charge, and include a parking pass with registration.
  • The Cocktail Reception and Dean's Dinner are $100 per person ($50 for alumni graduating in 2011 or later), and include all School of Government events and parking at the School.

Hotel information
A few options, room availability not guaranteed:
The Carolina Inn
Hampton Inn & Suites Chapel Hill-Carrboro Downtown
The Franklin Hotel

UNC School of Government | free of charge

1:00 p.m.
Arrive and mingle
Coffee and snacks
2:00 p.m.
2603 Wicker Room
Deil S. Wright Lecture
UNC President Margaret Spellings
"If you can’t say something nice … - Civics and Civility in the New Media Era"
3:00 p.m.
3:30 p.m.
2603 Wicker Room
Alumni/student presentationsWhere MPAs share ideas and accomplishments in 15-minute presentations followed by discussion
  • Lena Geraghty '15 and Eric Reese '15 Johns Hopkins University’s Center for Government Excellence helps governments use data to make informed, effective decisions and improve people’s quality of life. Senior implementation advisors at GovEx, Lena Geraghty and Eric Reese will share their experiences working with local governments in the US and internationally through Bloomberg Philanthropies’ What Works Cities initiative. They will discuss changes in data management and performance and analytics, including recommendations on how to stay up-to-date with public administration trends.
  • Thomas Mirc '17 (or '18), will address "The Rural American Job Revolution You Know Nothing About." The perception that technology jobs have been offshored by American companies for decades is still commonly shared. But a movement to create high-paying US jobs has occurred over the past decade in some unlikely places.
  • Ebony Perkins '13 will talk about her effort to launch The Philanthropist Next Door. In establishing The Philanthropist Next Door, Perkins sought to give the average citizen the same kind of resources that companies rely on to inform their philanthropy efforts. Using her background in nonprofit development, her endeavor offers support to individuals who wish to direct their contributions in smart and impactful ways.
UNC Carolina Club | $100 per person
Transportation from the School of Government to the Carolina Club will be available.
5:00 p.m. Cocktail Reception
6:00 p.m. Dean's Dinner Celebrating Carolina MPA's 50th Anniversary


Look who's coming to dinner!

1966 Alexis Jones
1968 Lew Brown
Ed Jones
Bob Noe
1969 Denny McGuire
Mal Watlington
1971 Cal Horton
Tom and Cindy Lundy
Ed Regan
1974 Steve and Julia Allred
Doug and Karen Bean
Ed Kitchen
Tedd Povar
Steve Raper
Richard Stevens
1976 James Baker
Becky Veazey
1977 Russell Allen
Flo Miller
Roger Stancil
Richard and Pat Woodcock
1981 Re Hatem
Chris Long
Richard Self
1982 Stephanie Fowler Benson
Peggy Merriss
1983 Kevin Fitzgerald
Elizabeth Wanner
1984 Lydian Altman
Cindy Holmes
1985 James Laney
1987 Jim Greene
1988 Ben Durant
Jeff Richardson
Ronda Tatum
1989 Lee Clyburn
Dudley Watts
1990 Margaret Henderson
Verla Insko
Chris Morello
1992 Marchell Adams David
1993 Ruffin Hall
Tara Nichols
1994 Kitt Brown
Ben Rowe
Bill Stockard
Andy and Jen Willis
1995 Jenny Noonan
1997 Susan Austin
Lee Worsley
1998 Randy Harrington
1999 Catherine Clark
Jim Klingler
2000 Ashley Barnes
Jennifer Snow Butler
Erin Eckert
Laura Hogshead
Katie Loovis
John Quinterno
Adrienne Simonson and Paul Carlson
2001 Emily and Greg Gangi
2002 Deborah Goldberg
2003 Heather Drennan
Faith Thompson and Wayne Brodie
2004 Alex Ashton
2005 Jessica Aylor
Josh Edwards
Johanna and Matt Foster
Abby Parcell
2006 Glenn Barnes
Carol Hickey
John and Ashley King
Jamie McCall
2007 Alicia Miller
2008 Michael Davis
2009 Julie Hochsztein
Safa Sajadi
2012 Jake Pflepsen
Scott Sherrill
2013 Ebony Perkins
2014 Megan Dale
2015 Brittany Clark
Phil Cordeiro
David Finley
Lena Geraghty and Joshua Moss
Eric Reese
2016 Jonathan Griffin
Austin Rouse
Alexander Vazquez
Students Kyle Bromir
Billy Cook
Sarah Dickson
Daniel Harden
Alexandra Jones
Eric Marsh
Matthew McKirahan
Thomas Mirc and Erin McLean Mirc
Dylan Russell
Sabrina Willard
Faculty & Staff Whitney Afonso
David Ammons
Maureen Berner
Allison Binkley
Johnny Burleson
Heather Duhart
Brandon Foster and Jennifer Gates-Foster
Random Gott
Gini Hamilton
Janet Holsten
Michele Hoyman
Willow Jacobson
Anne Kilby
Susan Lynch
Jamarian Monroe
Jonathan Morgan
Rick Morse
Kimberly Nelson
Mike Smith
Carl Stenberg
John Stephens
Linda Weiner
Gordon Whitaker
Guests Jean Coble
Wilson and Jennie Hayman
Cindy Lee
Sharon Pickard
Richard and Judy Vinroot
Katy O'Brien
Jack Vogt
Diane Westbrook
David C. Wright and Cynthia Faircloth Nabut
Mark W. and Susan B. Wright