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Diversity in Public Service Scholarship and Activities Fund


James Howerton graduated from the UNC MPA Program in 1977 and had a distinguished career working with the City of Greensboro, North Carolina for more than 30 years. Currently he is an adjunct professor at North Carolina A&T State University in Greensboro.

In 2005, Howerton worked with Carolina MPA to establish the Diversity in Public Service Scholarship Fund to help address the needs of students confronting significant financial challenges. The scholarship recognizes that diversity of race, background, and experience among MPA classmates enriches the academic environment of the program and the personal development of each student.

Recognizing a need to provide greater enrichment and development opportunities related to diversity and inclusion to Carolina MPA students, faculty, staff, and alumni, the program has worked with Howerton to expand what the endowment can fund. Now the Diversity in Public Service Scholarship and Activities Fund, the payout from this endowment not only continues to provide much-needed scholarships to students but also supports a range of activities such as trainings, conferences, and lectures to better prepare Carolina MPA students, faculty, staff, and alumni to appropriately respond to, engage with, and lead in their workplaces and communities.

Carolina MPA Alumni Association Board Fundraising Initiative

Carolina MPA Diversity Formula: Join Me: “You + Me = $333”

In an effort to grow the Diversity in Public Service Scholarship and Activities Fund, the Carolina MPA Alumni Association Board has taken on a challenge to raise $50,000 by December 31, 2019.

Its campaign, UNC MPA Diversity Formula: Join Me: You+Me=$333, represents the association's recognition of the need to broaden efforts around pressing topics related to diversity and inclusion. The concept is simple, people working together can do a great deal more than a person working alone. Put into action, the board is asking supporters of the program to band together - 2 people, 3 people, perhaps an entire cohort - to make a donation of $333 (or more) with a goal of having 150 donations.

To support this campaign, make a gift online and when you do, be sure to tell us who you are partnering with in making the gift on the "What's your inspiration to give?" section of the giving page so we can add your names to the list of supporters below.

And when you do, tell us with whom you are partnering and why you are supporting the fund in the "What's your inspiration to give?" section of the giving page.

“I am excited about Carolina MPA’s efforts to further expand its focus on diversity and this effort to grow the Diversity in Public Service Scholarship and Activities Fund quickly in order to have an immediate impact on current and future students and, in turn, on the work they do as public administration professionals.” 

James Howerton

Alumnus (Class of 1972), creator of the Diversity in Public Service Scholarship Fund


To learn more, download the Factsheet 'Diversity in Public Service'.

  • Supporters of UNC MPA Diversity Initiative Join Me: You + Me = $333

    James M. Howerton '72 + Malta Howerton

    Carolina MPA Alumni Association

    Lib Wanner '83* + Jennifer Fox, current student*

    William C. Rivenbark, MPA Director + Rebecca J. Rivenbark

    David Ammons + Cindy Ammons

    On-campus format class of 2020

    Gordon Whitaker + Robert Hellwig

    Carolina MPA Staff and Communications Team: Allison Binkley + Heather Duhart + Elizabeth Langefeld + Susan Lynch + Cara Robinson + Kristen Smith Young + Amy Wade + Brandon Foster

    MPAatUNC's First Cohort

    Johanna Foster '05* + Matt Foster

    Lee Worsley '97* + Amy Worsley, in honor of Harry Jones '74

    Ruffin Hall '93 + Cynthia Hall

    Audrey Shore '16 + Dylan Russell '17 + Sarah Dickson '18 + Brandon Foster

    Kevin FitzGerald '83*

    Jim Donnelly '93 + Abby Donnelly

    Andy Willis '94* + Jennifer Willis

    The Class of '06, and honoring the University's 225 birthday

    Brodi Fontenot '99

    Martha Perego '79

    From the Class of '97: Susin Seow, Matt and Mandy Roylance, and Susan Austin

    J. Russell Allen '77 + David Cooke '82, in honor of Harry Jones '74

    The Class of '99

    Tonya Walton '05

    James M. Laney '85

    Patricia J. Wright + David C. Wright + Mark W. Wright + Matthew Deil Wright + Lois L. Wright

    Emily Gangi '03 + Greg Gangi, in honor of David and Cindy Ammons 

    Jeff Richardson '88 + Alice McMillan, current student

    Gwen Harvey '74

    Dr. Stephen Straus '75 + Dr. Heather Lee

    Charlotte Peddicord '70 + Thomas Peddicord

    Flo Miller '77

    Fagan Stackhouse '71

    Kevin Bryant '09

    Donna Warner '78

    Margaret Henderson '90 + John Schelp '90

    Gary Cannon '78

    The Class of 2009

    Peter Varney ’70 + Steve Raper ’74 + Charles Penny ’80, representing 80 years of past public service leadership in Rocky Mount

    Lew Brown '68

    Hazen Blodgett '88

    Randy Harrington '88 + Corey Petersohn '16*

    Carol Hickey '06 + Matt Hickey

    Sharon Jessup, Current Student

    Rhonda Tatum '88

    Barbara Durr '87 + Nicholas Deal, BA '19

    Robin Broadmax '93

    Professor John Stephens

    Jerri Bland '93

    Matthew McKirahan '18

    Pat Boswell '80 + Larry Davis '85 + David Parrish '03

    Roger Stancil '77

    Catherine Clark '99

    Scott Sherrill '12 + Ellie Sherrill

    Carolina MPA Alumni Associtaion Contribution Committee*: Lib Wanner '83 + Kevin FitzGerald '83 + Lee Clyburn '89 + Andy Willis '94 +  Lee Worsley '97 + Christina Riordan '04 + Ebony Perkins '13 + Hallee Haygood, current student + Brandon Foster, staff

    Professor Willow Jacobson + Professor Leisha DeHart-Davis + Annonymous


    In honor of Susan Austin and her 13 years of dedication to the Carolina MPA Program: Professor David Ammons, Faculty + Justin Amos '06 + Alex Ashton '04 + Stephanie Ashton '04 + Catherine Clark '99 + Lee Clyburn '89* + Phil Cordeiro '15* + Manisha Dass, Current Student + Donna Warner '78 + Kevin FitzGerald '83* + Brandon Foster, Staff* +Johanna Foster '05* + Jennifer Fox, Current Student* + Sean Gallagher '08 + Jonathan Griffin '16 + Emily Guhde '16 + Hallee Haygood, Current Student* + Brian Hiatt '79 + Flo Miller '77 + Marc Nelson '01 + Francesca O’Reilly '98 + Jonathan Palmer '08 + Maggie Parker '15 + Ebony Perkins '13* + Sharon Pickard, Former Staff + Ted Povar '74 + Christina Riordan '04* + Susan Sanford '15 + Scott Sherrill '12 +  Roger Stancil '77 + Ronda Tatum '88 + Candace Terrell-Galke '95 + Katie Todd '13 + Lib Wanner '83* + Mal Watlington '69 + Andy Willis '94* + Lee Worsley '97*

    The Class of '07

    Megan Wright '07

    Michael Halford '92

    Rebekah Temple '07 + Jack Temple

    Anne Hopp + Anonymous

    Barry Reed '83 + Anonymous

    Barron Monroe '09 + Anonymous

    Erin Schwie Langston '03 + Anonymous

    Cynthia Sommer '77


    * Current Carolina MPA Alumni Association Board Member