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Professional Work Experience (PWE) Waiver


The MPA Professional Work Experience (PWE) is a required and essential component of the UNC-Master of Public Administration (MPA) curriculum.  In limited circumstances, students with demonstrated, significant professional experience may be eligible to apply for a PWE waiver.


To be Eligible for Waiver consideration:


  1. The student possesses 5 or more years of post-undergraduate public service work experience and,
  2. For the past 2 or more years the student has been working with an organization and in a position that satisfies the PWE requirements.


Waivers are considered after enrollment in the program and completion of the requisite coursework.  The MPA Program Director basis determinations upon whether the student's professional experience have satisfied the purpose of the PWE requirement.


For initial PWE waiver questions please contact Cara Robinson, Director of Admissions.  Current students should consult the student intranet for additional information and forms.