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American Government Prerequisite


The MPA program requires all incoming students to successfully demonstrate a working knowledge of the fundamentals of American Government**. The American Government course prerequisite ensures that MPA students begin the program with a solid understanding of government at the local, state, and federal levels. 


Upon admission to the program, the Director of Admissions will review your application to determine if you have met the prerequisite requirement and notify students who have not.  Students must have taken an acceptable course and received a passing grade as part of this review.  


If a student has not met the prerequisite requirement upon admission, there are two options available:


  1. You can take our own newly launched Introduction to American Government course that is offered through our online platform. This is the same platform online students will use to take all of their online MPA courses. This course is free for our enrolled students.  Upon paying your enrollment deposit, we will give you access to the course within a week. This enables you to start on the course as soon as possible to give yourself more time to complete it before the term starts.  The course syllabus is available below.


2.  You can complete an American Government course outside our institution at an accredited university.  


** Please note that American History, Introduction to Politics, and Western Civilization courses may not meet the prerequisite requirement for American Government.  A syllabus or course description may be requested.


Students required to complete the prerequisite must email the Associate Director of Academic Advising and Student Life, Elizabeth Langefeld with their choice as soon as possible.  If you opt to complete an outside course, please provide the institution name, date, and link to the course; however, we strongly encourage new students to complete our course.


On campus students must complete this requirement before registration of their first term and online students must complete the requirement before registration of their second term.  Completed course documentation must be sent to the Associate Director of Academic Advising and Student Life, Elizabeth Langefeld.  Students who have not met the prerequisite requirement will not be able to register for their 2nd term.