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On-Demand Webinars

The MPA program offers regular webinars for prospective students including content-focused webinars hosted by faculty members on relevant topics, military-focused webinars hosted by current students or alumni, and career-focused webinars for people interested in certain areas of public administration.  Below are some on demand webinars, and please check our upcoming admissions events page for live webinars you can attend. 

Military Service and the MPA - Recorded September 13th, 2021 

Current UNC MPA student Michael Simms and Director of Admissions Cara Robinson discuss:

  • Why the MPA is a great choice for military affiliates who want to stay in the military or transition out.
  • More about how the MPA differs from other degrees like the the MBA or MPP.
  • One student's perspective on the community and commitment the program provides to each student.
  • Advice for those military members or veterans considering returning to graduate school.


Careers in NonProfit Management - Recorded August 17th, 2021

Director of Admissions Cara Robinson and panelists Kimberly Monroe (UNC MPA Alumna and Program Manager for Community Engagement at Duke University Health System), Claire Kern (UNC MPA Current Student and Intern at the Ascend Fund, Panorama), Bob Herleth (UNC MPA Alum and Retired Vice President of Missouri Botanical Garden, and Adam Myers (UNC MPA Current Student and Program Coordinaor of Church World Service)

Webinar includes discussions on:

  • What a career in nonprofit management looks like in the current state?
  • How to jump start a career in nonprofit management?
  • What are some truths and myths about working in nonprofit?
  • How the MPA at UNC offers support for career growth in nonprofit managment?


Careers in Local Government - Recorded May 27th, 2021 

Panelists include: Associate Professor of Public Admisnistration and Government Rick Morse, City Manager of Raleigh and UNC MPA Alumna Marcell David-Adams, and Director of Performance Management in Buncombe County Rafael Baptista

Panelists discuss: 

  • Roles and Opportunities in local government 
  • Why they chose careers in local government
  • How a MPA supports a career in local governement
  • Issues that local governments tackle and how local governments directly impact communities


GRE Tips - Recorded April 21st, 2020

Director of Admissions Cara Robinson and current student Kayla Shepperson discuss best practices on preparing for and taking the GRE.  We know taking the GRE isn't on your list of favorite things to do, but this webinar will hopefully help alleviate some of the fears you have about taking the test and how we review candidates.  We will discuss how the admissions committee utilizes test scores as part of our holistic review process, and we will talk candidly about our review process and what we are looking for in candidates (hint, it's more than just what you score on the standardized test).  Watch this webinar if you need a boost before signing up for that test!