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Faculty Member Willow Jacobson Publishes Article on HR Policy Development

Faculty member Willow S. Jacobson analyzes the development of internal human resources policies in her latest publication, The Development of County HR Policies: The Perspectives of Counties in Two States. Alongside Kristina Lambright of Binghamton University, Jacobson conducted interviews with 40 county HR directors from New York and North Carolina. 

In their findings, Jacobson and Lambright present the HR tactics found to be most and least popular among their interviewees in shaping the direction of office policymaking. The release of this publication helps provide much needed insight into how government HR professionals deploy strategies to develop internal HR policies for their workforces. The Development of County HR Policies: The Perspectives of Counties in Two States is available for download through SAGE Publications.

Jacobson joined the School of Government faculty in 2003. She teaches in the Master of Public Administration program and directs the LGFCU Fellows program, which she helped found in 2011. She also was an integral player in establishing the 2005 inaugural session of the Public Executive Leadership Academy. Her research interests include leadership, organizational theory and behavior, and Strategical Human Capital Management. Much of this research has been featured in Public Administration Review and Public Personnel Management. Jacobson earned a Master’s degree in Public Policy and Management from the University of Oregon and a PhD in Public Administration from Syracuse University.