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It is the intent of the membership that the Carolina MPA Alumni Association's commitment to encouraging public service at all professional levels and by all people be reflected in the diversity of its governing body, special committees, and activities. Specifically, the Association commits to representing the diverse career paths, gender, and ethnic backgrounds of its graduates.


The Alumni Association of the Carolina Master of Public Administration Program is created and constituted as the formal organizational structure for the development and maintenance of an on-going professional association of the graduates and friends of the MPA Program. Such an association is considered to be desirable and necessary to the long-term fulfillment of the public purposes, goals and objectives of the MPA Program. Additionally, an organization of MPA alumni is consistent with the expressed personal desires and professional concerns of the individual graduates of the MPA Program in the pursuit of public service and closely related careers.

The Carolina MPA Alumni Association [herein referred to as "Association"] shall be considered a non-institutional extension of the MPA Program, functioning primarily for the benefit of its membership, the faculty and student body of the MPA Program. The express purposes for the creation of the Association are the formulation and maintenance of a continuing forum for professional development opportunities within the Association membership and, the seeking out, delivery, and perpetuation of Alumni support and assistance for the MPA Program. Accordingly, the Association seeks and accepts an active, participatory role in the MPA Program's total educational and career development responsibilities. The Association recognizes the contribution its members can make to the various on and off campus activities and functions of the MPA Program and pledges the collective and individual resources of its membership to the faculty and student body.

The Association welcomes the opportunity to assume an advisory role to the faculty, as well as to perform other functions that may be beneficial and desirable. The Association considers the cooperation and assistance of the faculty and staff of MPA Program highly essential to the successful performance of the various functions of the Association and solicits that aid with the expectation of establishing permanent channels of communication and support between the Program and its Alumni. It is the Association's primary intention that its resources and membership be called upon and utilized as required and as necessary to promote and foster the Program's high standards and the ultimate generation of well qualified and highly motivated professionals in the public service.

Mission Statement

The mission of the Carolina MPA Alumni Association is to advance and support public service leaders by maintaining and strenghtening connections among alumni, students, and faculty.

To support this mission we will focus our efforts in the areas of connection, collaboration, and contribution.

Core Values

  • Collaboration
  • Diversity
  • Stewardship
  • Integrity
  • Professionalism
  • Exploration
    1. Eligibility – Full membership in the Association shall be extended to all matriculants of the MPA Program. Full members shall hold all rights and privileges within the Association. Cooperating membership shall be extended to all persons who have an interest in the MPA Progrm and in the betterment of the public service. Cooperative members may not hold elective office in the Association, nor may they vote. MPA students are encouraged and are welcome to attend activities and functions sponsored by the Association.
    2. Membership Fees – The Association's Alumni Board has the prerogative to recommend an annual membership fee to support the interests and activities of the Association. The recommendation is to be made to the membership at its annual business meeting and must be approved by the membership before being assessed. Except for currently enrolled MPA students, all members of the Association are required to pay whatever membership fee is approved by September 1 of each year to retain full membership.
    1. Annual Business Meeting – The annual business meeting is called by the Alumni Board which shall also notify all members of the time, date, and place no later than thirty (30) days prior to said meeting. The meeting may be held vis electronic format. The meeting shall be called to order by the presiding officer of the Association.
    2. Meetings – At least one business meeting of the membership of the Alumni Association shall be conducted every year. Special meetings may be called at the request of the Alumni Board, when acting on behalf of the Association, (discussed below) provided that written notification is provided to all members at least ten (10) days prior to the proposed meeting date or by presenting to the Secretary of the Association a petition signed by at least 10% of the full membership.
    3. Quorum – In order for the Alumni Board to conduct business, a meeting of the  Alumni Board must be attended by a quorum consisting of fifty percent (50%) plus one voting members.
    4. Voting – During all Association and Alumni Board meetings, the approval of a majority (50%, plus one) of all full members present shall be required to pass any motion, except the adoption of subsequent revisions to these bylaws, and the removal of officers.
    5. Nominations and Elections – Each year, the President, or his/her designee, shall appoint a Nominating Committee consisting of at least three members, which shall include at least one member of the Alumni Board. One of the members shall be the President-elect, who will also chair the Nominating Committee. The Nominating Committee shall solicit volunteers, receive recommendations, and recommend nominees for each office established in the by-laws. The board shall be representative of the Association’s diverse membership. The Nominating Committee should consider the following diversity elements when nominating new board members:
      1. Geography
      2. Age
      3. Race
      4. Gender
      5. Career focus

      The names of the recommended nominees shall be published by written notice or via electronic format to each member no later than thirty days prior to the meeting of the general membership. Nominations from the floor by the membership shall be accepted at the meeting. Officers and at-large members shall be elected at the meeting by receiving a majority of votes cast. Voting may take place via electronic format if the meeting is being held using an electronic format. A member may receive an absentee ballot by requesting such ballot from the Secretary. Absentee ballots must be returned to the Secretary prior to the polling of membership at the meeting in order to be counted. Absentee ballots may be distributed and returned via electronic format.

    6. Adoption of the Budget – The Alumni Board shall adopt an annual budget for the new fiscal year (July 1 to June 30) at an Alumni Board meeting to be held no later than June 15 of the expiring fiscal year. The budget review process is as follows:
      • The Alumni Board shall receive a copy of the proposed budget from the Alumni Board President, or his/her designee no later than April 15 of the expiring year.
      • The Alumni Board shall submit a financial report and the proposed budget with any associated membership fee recommendation to the Association at least thirty (30) days prior to its annual business meeting which will be held between May 15 and June 15 of the expiring year.
      • The Alumni Board shall adopt the annual budget by June 15 incorporating any actions expressly taken by the Association regarding budget at the annual business meeting.
    7. Programs – The Alumni Board shall adopt, as appropriate, a schedule of professional development programs and social events for the new fiscal year and shall plan for and conduct these programs and events.
    8. By-laws – The Association By-laws may be revised by a two-thirds (2/3) majority of the membership present at the Annual Association business meeting or at a properly called special meeting. Notification of said revisions shall be sent in writing or via electronic form to all full members of the Association no later than thirty (30) days prior to the business meeting or special meeting.
    9. Procedure – The conduct of Association and Alumni Board meetings shall be in accordance with those procedural guidelines properly adopted by the Association or the Alumni Board.
    1. President – The President of the Alumni Association shall be the presiding officer of the Association and of the Alumni Board. The President shall be responsible to the Association for the overall management and administration of all activities and functions of the Association and shall act as its official representative and spokesperson. The President shall convene the Alumni Board at least two (2) times each year and on other special occasions as conditions warrant. The President, or designee, shall present to the Alumni Board a proposed annual budget and shall be responsible for the proper execution and control of the approved budget. The President may sit ex-officio on all committees of the Association. The President shall represent the Association at the University of North Carolina General Alumni Association Board meetings.
    2. President Elect – The President-Elect of the Alumni Association shall succeed to the Presidency for the following term. He or she shall be responsible to the President for the internal administration of the Association, primarily for membership-related activities, and shall serve on the Alumni Board. The President-Elect shall preside and act in place of the President in his or her absence at all meetings and activities of the Association. The President-Elect shall also serve as chair of the Nominating Committee. Upon the unscheduled resignation of the President, the President-Elect shall assume all duties and responsibilities of the President for the unexpired term.
    3. Immediate Past-President – The Immediate Past-President of the Alumni Association shall serve as a voting member of the Alumni Board. He or she may serve on committees, advise the President and Alumni Board of past actions, and help provide continuity to the affairs of the Alumni Association.
    4. Treasurer – The Treasurer of the Alumni Association shall be responsible to the President for the proper accounting, control, and management of all funds acquired or disbursed by the Association. The Treasurer shall serve on the Alumni Board, assist the President in the preparation and execution of the annual budget and recommend to him or her any and all changes or modifications which may be required from time to time to maintain a balanced budget. The Treasurer shall prepare and submit a financial report to the Association at the annual business meeting.
    5. Secretary – The Secretary of the Alumni Association shall be responsible to the President for recording official meeting minutes and archiving the work of the Alumni Board and Association, and disseminating pertinent information. The Secretary shall present minutes for approval at the next scheduled Alumni Board meeting. The Secretary can establish a communications committee to assist with the work.
    6. Scholarship Chair – The Scholarship Chair of the Association shall be responsible to the President for the development and implementation of initiatives to encourage donations to the scholarship fund. The Scholarship Chair shall serve on the Alumni Board and shall make frequent reports on the status of the scholarship fund and activities, including a report to the full Association at the annual business meeting. The Scholarship Chair shall work with the MPA Program Director and development staff to cultivate and secure scholarship resources. The Scholarship Chair can establish a scholarship and/or contributions committee to assist with the work.
    7. At-Large Members – The Alumni Board shall include twelve (12) At-large positions to be filled only by full members of the Association. These members shall be elected by the voting membership at a full membership meeting.
    8. Term of Office
      1. Officers shall serve one-year terms commencing on January 1 of each year. The President and President Elect may not be re-elected to that same office consecutively, but are eligible for election to another office. All other officers may be re-elected to the same office.
      2. At-Large Members - At-large members shall serve two-year terms. Terms for at-large members shall be staggered with the election of six (6) at-large positions filled per year. It is recommended that at-large members serve no more than (2) consecutive terms, but in no instance shall an at-large member serve more than three (3) consecutive terms.
      3. Association members appointed to serve out unexpired terms of office shall be eligible for election to that office at the next election date. The President of the Association shall appoint eligible Association members to fill all unexpired vacant offices.
      4. Removal of Alumni Board Members - Alumni Board members of the Association may be removed from office for cause by a two-thirds (2/3) majority vote of the Association membership at a properly called meeting. The term of office or any Board member who is absent from three (3) consecutive meetings of the Alumni Board shall automatically terminate unless such absence is excused by the Alumni Board for good and sufficient cause.
    1. Staff – With the approval of the Director of the MPA Program, member(s) of the MPA Program staff shall be responsible to the President of the Association for providing required clerical and administration support to the Association and to the functioning committees of the organization. The staff member(s) may also be asked to make Association deposits and disburse expenditures under the direction of the President or Treasurer. The appointed staff member(s) shall act as staff liaison and coordinator between the Association and the MPA Program and shall aid the Secretary in the preparation and maintenance the official records and correspondence of the Association.
    2. Student Representatives – A first and second year on-campus student representative and two online student representatives shall serve as ex-officio members and shall work with the Alumni Board to develop, coordinate, and implement social events/programs that give students opportunities to meet and learn from alumni working in the public administration field. They also shall provide support (advisory an coordination) to the President and other officers on various issues and programs. The MPA Program shall determine the method to select the student representatives.
    3. Ex-Officio Members of Association – The Director of the MPA Program shall be an ex-officio member of the Association. The faculty and staff of the MPA Program shall also be ex-officio members of the Association. Ex-officio members of the Association do not have the privilege to vote, but shall have the right to participate in all discussions and functions of the Association.
    4. Ex-Officio Members of Alumni Board – The Director of the MPA Program or his/her appointed representative shall be an ex-officio member of the Alumni Board. The President(s) of any Chapter(s) established by the Association shall be ex-officio members of the Alumni Board. Ex-officio members shall not have the privilege of vote, but shall have the right to participate in all discussions and functions of the Alumni Board.
    1. Adoption – The Alumni Board President, or his/her designee, shall prepare an annual balanced budget and provide it to the Alumni Board for review and comment not later than April 15 of the expiring year. The budget shall reflect the Association’s proposed financial commitments to the MPA Program, planned programs, seminars, and functions for the membership for the coming year, as well as the anticipated costs of administering the Association. Not later than June 15 of the expiring year, the Alumni Board shall adopt a balanced budget, set the annual membership fee if applicable and as approved at the annual membership meeting, and establish any operating or procedural guidelines for execution of the budget. Remittance of membership fees shall be due by September 1 of each year.
    2. Execution – With the approval of the Alumni Board, the President and Treasurer shall be authorized to solicit funds for any purpose approved by the Association, and to expend Association funds only for those purposes specifically authorized by the Association in the annual budget. Should, during the fiscal year, certain modifications, additions, or deletions become necessary to ensure the proper execution of the budget in accordance with the approved guidelines set forth by the Alumni Board, the President or Treasurer shall so inform the Alumni Board. The Alumni Board may then make any alterations to the budget deemed necessary, provided that such alterations, modifications, or additions do not result in a negative balance of Association funds. Members of the Association shall be notified of any and all changes in the overall annual budget at the next full meeting of the membership following such change. The Alumni Board shall not expend Association funds for any purpose that is inconsistent with the mission, goals, and core values of the Association, nor shall the Board make expenditures for any purpose, which would result in a negative balance of the Association’s funds on hand.
    3. Reports – The Treasurer shall submit to the Association at its annual meeting a final financial report for the previous fiscal year as well as a year-to-date financial statement that includes all revenues collected, disbursements made, anticipated expenditures, and fund balance.

    Responsibilities and Powers - The Alumni Board of the Association shall be responsible to Association membership for the overall management and administration of the Association as well as for its various activities and functions. The Alumni Board shall be authorized to act for the Association during the year in accordance with the approved scope of activities set forth by the Association during its annual business meeting.

    1. The Alumni Board is empowered to properly expend Association funds, make necessary adjustments in the Association’s annual budget to ensure its positive balance, withhold expenditures in the event sufficient Association funds are not available, call special meetings of the Association membership, and to take such other actions on behalf of the Association considered essential to conduct its responsibilities. The Alumni Board shall prepare and approve an annual budget for the Alumni Association.
    2. Membership – The membership of the Alumni Board shall consist of all officers and at-large members of the Association elected at-large by the voting membership at a full membership meeting. Upon the unexpected resignation of any of its at-large members, the President may appoint any eligible full member of the Association to serve the unexpired term.
    3. Meetings – The Alumni Board shall schedule and conduct at least two (2) meetings per year. The President of the Association shall preside at Alumni Board meetings and may call additional meetings when, in his or her opinion, circumstances warrant. Further, at such times when seven or more members of the Alumni Board petition the President, a special meeting of the Alumni Board shall be called.
    4. Quorum – In order to conduct business properly assigned or delegated to the Alumni Board, a minimum of fifty percent (50%) plus one members of the Alumni Board must be present.