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Teshanee Williams

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Assistant Professor of Public Administration and Government
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Teshanee Williams joined the School of Government faculty in 2021. Prior to that, she received a UNC-Chapel Hill Carolina Postdoctoral Program Faculty Diversity Fellowship and served as a research fellow with the UNC School of Government from 2019–2021. Her research interests include the application of mixed-method approaches for inquiries related to strategic alliances between nonprofits and the public sector as well as public participation in decision-making processes. Her career goal is to produce research that helps to bridge the divide between theory and practice. In her role at the school, in addition to advising on nonprofit and local government relations, Williams instructs in the UNC MPA program—teaching courses on nonprofit management, research methods, and program evaluation—and continue research on nonprofit-local government relations and issues of social equity. She earned her MPA and PhD from North Carolina State University.