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Leisha DeHart-Davis

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Professor of Public Administration and Government
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Leisha DeHart-Davis is a Professor of Public Administration and Government who joined the School in 2012. She directs the Local Government Workplaces Initiative, which conducts organizational research for improving city and county workplaces, and is also a faculty partner in Engaging Women in Local Government, a program that seeks to equip women to pursue public service leadership positions. DeHart-Davis is a National Academy of Public Administration Fellow and recipient of the 2019 Gary Cornia Distinguished Lecturer given by the Romney Institute of Brigham Young University. She has published in the Journal of Public Administration Research and Theory, Public Administration Review, International Public Management Journal, Administration and Society, and Review of Public Personnel Administration. Her book, Creating Effective Rules in Public Sector Organizations, was published by Georgetown University Press in 2017 and has won best book awards from the American Society for Public Administration and the Academy of Management Public and Nonprofit Division. DeHart-Davis holds a PhD in public policy from the Georgia Institute of Technology.

Selected Publications

Hassan, Shahidul, Leisha DeHart‐Davis, and Zhongnan Jiang (2018) "How Empowering Leadership Reduces Employee Silence in Public Organizations." Public Administration.

DeHart-Davis, Leisha. Creating Effective Rules in Public Sector Organizations (2017) Washington, DC: Georgetown University Press.

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Additional Publications

Nesbit, Rebecca, Stephanie Moulton, Scott Robinson, Craig Smith, Leisha DeHart-Davis, Mary K. Feeney, Beth Gazley, and Yilin Hou. "Wrestling with Intellectual Diversity in Public Administration: Avoiding Disconnectedness and Fragmentation While Seeking Rigor, Depth, and Relevance." Journal of Public Administration Research and Theory 21, no. suppl 1 (2011): i13-i28.

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