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John Crumpton

Job Title: 
Adjunct Instructor, MPA Program

John Crumpton joined the School of Government as an adjunct instructor in 2015. He has 15 years of local government experience as both a town manager and county manager in North Carolina. He also has 11 years experience in the solid waste industry. He is a credentialed manager with the International City and County Managers Association. Serves on the North Carolina Association of County Commissioners Risk Management Pools Board of Trustees. He is also active in the North Carolina City and County Managers Association serving as chair of the Sustaining Membership-ICMA Relations committee. Crumpton holds a BS from Indiana University in Public Administration, a BA from Georgia Sate University in Marketing, and an MBA from the University of North Carolina at Wilmington. He is also pursuing a Doctorate Degree in Education from Wingate University.