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Dress for Success

 Business Professional (Interview Attire):

  • The Suit: single breasted 2-3 buttons jacket. Matching jacket and pants or knee length skirt or dress. Best colors grey, black, navy, or brown. The shirt collar should show ½”.
  • Shirts/Blouses: Thick enough so that it isn’t see through. Avoid tight fit, low necklines, and busy patterns. Best colors are white, light blue, pale color
  • Ties: Darker than your shirt. Length should end at your belt. Keep it conservative
  • Accessories: Stay conservative; jewelry and other accessories overshadow you. No piercings other than earrings. Wear a professional watch, nude colored hose, and natural-looking makeup. A cleanly shaved or neatly trimmed beard is expected. Keep your hair neat and professional looking. Briefcase/portfolio or purse: no book bags. Your belt and shoes should match. Socks should not be too short where when you cross a leg, your bare leg shows. They should also match or be slightly darker than pants. No cologne or perfume and cover tattoos, if possible.
  • Shoes: closed toe, 1” – 1 1/2” heel, comfortable, polished leather. Best colors are black or burgundy.

Business Casual:

  • “The Suit”: Casual pants, skirts, or dresses. Pants/skirts/dresses are neatly pressed. Recommended colors: navy, black, gray, brown, or khaki
  • Shirts/Blouses: Button down; polo/golf shirts tucked in; sweaters; cardigans, knit shirts (tuck out if it fits with the shirt)
  • Shoes: Leather; low heels; boots; or dress sandals
  • Accessories: Socks match shoes, can be bolder with jewelry. Neat and groomed hair on head and face