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Diversity in Public Administration Scholarship

This scholarship provides support for continuing efforts to attract a diverse group of students to the MPA program and addresses the needs of students confronting significant financial challenges.

2009 MPA Graduation Ceremony

Enriching the MPA Experience

Diversity of race, ethnicity, background, and experience among MPA classmates enriches the academic environment of the MPA program and the personal development of each student. The MPA Program regularly competes with other universities for the best applicants. Scholarship funds from other MPA endowments are stretched thin across the MPA student group. The Diversity Scholarship in Public Administration will help supplement those funds and give the Carolina MPA Program the ability to offer a larger scholarship package to targeted applicants who would increase the diversity of the MPA student population.

Creating Possibilities

The Diversity in Public Service Scholarship will create possibilities in the lives of students who dream of making a difference. Supporting this scholarship is an investment in someone else’s promise of their potential. Students will hear the message behind the money—the message that others see the promise of their potential, that MPA alumni see value in ensuring diversity in the program’s student body, and that public service is a worthy calling that needs talented professionals.

The Diversity Scholarship is awarded based on the following criteria:

  • Educational preparation
  • Life experiences
  • Factors that may contribute to the presence of diversity
  • Demonstrated ability and motivation to overcome disadvantage or discrimination
  • Desire and ability to extend knowledge-based services to enhance the quality of life of all citizens
  • Motivation and potential to make a positive contribution to the educational environment of the University


“Tomorrow’s successes will be based on the commitments and work done today. This scholarship will help ensure that the next generation of public service leaders will reflect the rich diversity of this state and nation. In planting this seed today, we are building a bright future for tomorrow.”
—James Howerton ’72