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Nick Dula '08

Job Title: 
Small Business Development Manager

Harnett County, North Carolina

"We're still in a tough spot in Lenoir, but now I have the tools and knowledge to help remedy the problems. That was our charge at graduation: go and do some good with these skills."

When Nick Dula left his hometown of Lenoir for UNC-Chapel Hill in 2001, he could see the start of the economic devastation that would result from the offshoring of thousands of jobs in this once-thriving furniture manufacturing town. As an undergraduate majoring in economics and public policy, he was exposed to the concepts of economic and community development. Through subsequent work experiences, he saw the impact that local government could have on communities, and he decided to return to UNC for graduate school. Just five years after receiving his MPA degree, Nick was helping to revitalize his hometown. In 2013, with a growing family, he moved to the larger jurisdiction of Harnett County, where he serves as small business development manager.

Professional Experience:

Small Business Development Manager, Harnett County, North Carolina
Downtown Economic Development Director and Main Street Manager, City of Lenoir, North Carolina
City Planner, City of Lenoir, North Carolina
Management Analyst, NC Governor's Office, Office of Economic Recovery and Investment, Raleigh, North Carolina
Database Manager, BTA Public Relations, Raleigh, North Carolina
Business Coordinator, International Profit Associates Consulting, Buffalo Grove, Illinois
Research Assistant, Northern Illinois University