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Esther Manheimer '94

Job Title: 
Mayor & Attorney

City of Asheville, North Carolina

The Van Winkle Law Firm,
Asheville, North Carolina

“In the MPA program I learned how to listen to and understand where others are coming from. These skills are required to be an effective leader—and are helping me to navigate my community into the future.”

Esther Manheimer’s interest in local government started even before her internship with the City of Asheville during her time in the Carolina MPA program. It kept building after law school when she staffed a local government committee as a new attorney for the North Carolina General Assembly, and when she returned to Asheville, appearing before planning commissions representing land use clients and working on the Asheville Board of Adjustment. Manheimer was elected to the Asheville City Council in 2009 and as mayor in 2013. She says, “As mayor, much of my time is spent listening to people. Then I hope to bring my skills to the table to help shape the direction my community wants to go in.”

Professional Experience:

Mayor, City of Asheville, North Carolina
City Council Member, City of Asheville, North Carolina
Attorney, The Van Winkle Law Firm, Asheville, North Carolina
Attorney, North Carolina General Assembly, Research Division
Legal Clerk, North Carolina General Assembly; The Van Winkle Law Firm; Attorney General’s Office, and City of Asheville
Program Director, Madison County, North Carolina, Community Development Corporation