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Chris Morrill '85

Job Title: 
Executive Director

Government Finance Officers Association

"As a Carolina MPA, you have a broad support network that wants you to succeed, to find a good job, to experience a meaningful career, and to make a real difference in our communities and in the world. When I look back at critical points in my career, in nearly every instance an MPA connection faculty, staff, or fellow alumni made the difference."

In his commencement address to the 2013 Carolina MPA graduating class, Chris Morrill credited MPA faculty and staff members as well as fellow alumni with helping him to advance his career at each juncture. He also credits his MPA education with providing him the essential skills needed for his work with local governments, both in the United States and abroad. "The challenges that local governments face are universal," Morrill says. "We must figure out how best to provide services, equitably distribute those services, do it efficiently, and involve others in making decisions. My MPA education provided me with the relevant skills I have applied in all of my work."

In 2017, Chris Morrill became executive director for the Government Finance Officers Association located in Chicago, Illinois.

Professional Experience:

Executive Director, Government Finance Officers Association, Chicago, Illinois
Manager, City of Roanoke, Virginia
President, Government Finance Officers Association of the US and Canada
Assistant City Manager, City of Savannah, Georgia
Senior Municipal Finance Advisor to South African National Treasury, Research Triangle Institute
Research and Budget Director, City of Savannah, Georgia
US Peace Corps Volunteer, City of Lviv, Ukraine
Budget Analyst, Catawba County, North Carolina