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2014 Capstone Papers

All students in the MPA Program are required during their second year to complete a capstone project that draws on the cumulative lessons of their graduate experience. The project culminates in a paper and an oral presentation.

Double Bottom Line Investment Funds: A New Source of Capital for Community Economic Development Projects — Jordan Jones

Many community economic development projects in North Carolina cannot access necessary capital. These projects, when successfully executed, create two important returns: financial returns for investors and economic, environmental, and social returns for communities. One tool to help finance these projects is a double bottom line investment fund. The purpose of this research is to present how the contractual model, one of this fund type's four models, has been implemented by various non-profit organizations. Important components of this fund as well as types of projects supported are explored.

The Demand for and Innovations in Online Education: A Study of Online Education in the UNC System — Stephen Moore

Higher education is in the midst of a significant transition, brought on by the rapid growth of for-profit universities, the development of transformative teaching technologies, and the advent of Massive Online Open Courses (MOOCs). Responding to this shift, this Capstone explores the budding online market in North Carolina and the UNC system while identifying potential business models, best practices, and legal hurdles in U.S. public university systems. It culminates with guidance on policy and administrative changes that would best position the UNC System to meet future demand.